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AutoFTP Client gives you the FTP Client features you want and need, and it's absolutely free: Multi-threading
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30 November 2014

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This is FTP client software.

This is a feature rich FTP client software utility. Besides the charm of the features, the software comes free for your use. The utility is implemented in multi-threaded form, so that operations can get faster when a processor supporting multi-threading is available on the PC. The controls are easy and intuitive; no user should find any problems to get started. Convenient reporting keeps you informed of transfers. With point-and-click out-of-the-box scheduling makes it simple for anyone to master the tool. You do not need any programming or scripting whatsoever nor the need for the skills that go with them. This is for the Windows environment. It provides you with an extensive support for the protocols including FTP, FTP/S (SSL), and Anonymous sites. The tool interfaces to all Windows and Unix FTP servers with fully automated transfers and no manual steps.

Site Manager, Connection Wizard, Properties Manager, and Quick Connect are available for ease of use. The tool supports Unicode character set so that working with all kinds of languages is no problem. Should transfers get interrupted, they can be resumed. That makes it easy to handle large files. You will be able to edit both remote and local files. Both text and HTML files could be handled. Thumbnails of remote images could be viewed easily. Context sensitive help is available that makes it really easy to operate. There’s an overall progress bar that helps monitor things easily. The Run-Time, the projections for Time to Finish, and Anticipated Finish time, let you see the status during long transfers. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

AutoFTP Client new version gives you the FTP Client features you want and need, and it's absolutely free. Multithreading, lightening fast, user friendly controls, convenient reporting that keeps you informed, with out-of-the-box point-and-click scheduling that anyone can use.
Key Features:
· Multithreading for transfers in any Windows environment.
· Comprehensive protocol options, including FTP, FTP/S (SSL), and Anonymous sites.
· Interfaces to all Windows and Unix FTP servers.
· Fully automated transfers, with less manual steps.
· Support for Unicode character set.
· Site Manager, Connection Wizard, Properties Manager, and Quick Connect for ease of use.
· Out-of-the-box point-and-click scheduling available no where else.
· Edit both remote and local documents with built-in HTML and Text editors.
· Supports resume and transfer of large files.
· Manage local and remote folders for fast changes.
· 7 Different forms of URL Encoding available.
· View thumbnails of remote images.
· Full context-sensitive help, with on line-tutorials.
· Runs in 66 different languages at the click of a button.
· Available for Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP both for 32 Bit and 64 Bit computers.
· Perfect for PCs, laptops, notebooks, tablets.
· And it is free.
AutoFTP, simply the best: For example, AutoFTP is faster than FileZilla, more user friendly, better reporting, and it has scheduling, whereas FileZilla has no scheduling capacity whatsoever. CuteFTP is still faster than AutoFTP and FileZilla, but AutoFTP beats CuteFTP in being more user friendly, with better reporting and scheduling. CuteFTP scheduling requires programming and scripting unavailable to 99% of users, whereas AutoFTP's out-of-the-box point-and-shoot scheduling can be mastered by anybody. AutoFTP like FileZilla is free, while CuteFTP costs $60. See the video:, Overview Comparing AutoFTP, CuteFTP, and FileZilla.
AutoFTP Client
AutoFTP Client
Version 4.5
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